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Ellen Bakker

Experimental Silk Painting in Combination with Felting


October 4-6, 2019


This three-day workshop offers the opportunity to combine two days of silk painting with one day of felting. The first two days will be an exploration of color and patterns on silk, creatively experimenting with transparent layers of silk and silk paint. On the third day, the silk will be felted with wool, creating smooth, drapeable shawls, wraps and throws, or fabric for a project to be continued at home. Three days of silk painting is also possible.

No silk painting experience is required for this workshop, but some experience in felting would be useful.

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Ellen Bakker lives and works in the Netherlands where she produces hand-painted silk fabrics and hand-painted silk felted with wool, under the label Ellen creates featherweight silk scarves, silk fabrics for clothing and wool-silk fabrics for shawls, clothing and interior applications, such as light blankets, cushions and wall panels.

The textile designs are characterized by a combination of graphic patterns, transparency, special colors and use of materials. The designs and fabrics demonstrate the sum of Ellen’s years of experience as a graphic designer and her passion for textile art. This combination can also be found in the five inspirational textile art books that Ellen has now published, containing the collected work of textile artists from around the world (

More of Ellen’s work can be seen at:

Cost: $375        Limit: 10 Students

Location: Woodside Pond Studios, 148 Lake Desolation Road, Middle Grove, NY 12850

For more information call Nan Travers at (518) 496-8757 


Felt Squares Sample Series



This class series will explore different flat-felting techniques that can be used in any other felting project, such as scarves, clothing, slippers, 3-D objects, etc. Using various felting techniques, the classes explore structure, color theory, surface design, and design elements. Each class builds upon previous ones, advancing techniques using different types of wool, pre-felts, silk fibers, fabrics, embellishments, resists, and dyeing. Students will have the opportunity to make 12-15 squares, each through a unique technique. More more information and class times please contact us. 

Class One


Class One will explore color and design elements through using different wools in different colors, pre-felts, and a variety of embellishments such as yarn, silk fibers, threads, etc. Students will felt 3-5 squares experimenting with flat felting. If taking the dyeing portion of the series, 2 squares will focus in white and light colors. After the first square, students may choose to vary the basic square shape to include other polygons or experiment with border edges.


Class Two


Class Two will explore felting with different fabrics onto the squares. Students will work with silk, cotton, and other mixed fabrics to create different effects. Students may choose to combine embellishments to the squares as well. Students will make 3-5 squares; If taking the dyeing portion of the series, 2 squares will focus in white and light colors.

Class Three


Class Three will explore the use of resists within the felting process to provide surprising elements embedded in the pieces. Students will learn how to build layers of colors and textures that will be covered by resist materials and after felting, opened up to expose the under layers. Channels, pockets, protrusions, loops, and other additions will be explored. Students will make 3-5 squares; If taking the dyeing portion of the series, 2 squares will focus in white and light colors.

Class Four


Class Four will explore different dyeing techniques: overdyeing colors, dyed blocks, clamping objects for patterns, shibori techniques, and eco-printing. Students will use squares created in the previous classes, as well as prefelts and silk fabric that can be used later to felt into other pieces. Any student who wishes to make additional felted squares or didn’t take the previous classes can sign up for open studio time (see below for details).

Class Five:


Class Five will explore ways to finish your squares to be used in other projects or to make a finished project in the class: adding beads, hand and machine embroidery, and other embellishment techniques, and different ways of backing the felt squares. The squares can be made into art cards or small blank notebooks with felted covers, or the squares can be sewn together to create a sampler or collage wall hanging. Some students may want to felt additional pieces to create enough squares for a patchwork vest (this project would require attending the optional Open Studio times to have enough squares to complete the project). Adding the felted pieces to clothing will also be discussed.

Open Studio Time



Two Open Studio Times will be provided. These will have limited instruction, but support will be given for you to make new squares or finish ones you have started. The May Open Studio Time will be provided after the first three classes and is suggested for individuals taking Class Four to develop a larger felted collection for dyeing. The June Open Studio Time will be offered after the five classes to give students an opportunity to felt additional pieces and to finish their projects.

Cost $15/hour or $95 for a full day (7 hours)    

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